George Connell


(posted on 16 Feb 2020)

How to make my day (not). Only a day after cancelling a community meeting in Egmont to discuss contentious cut blocks, to what do my wondering eyes appear but this sign on the trail between Malaspina Road and the works yard. Devious and lying little feckers. It wouldn't be half as bad if these bastards actually cared about what they leave behind. When you refer to trees as 'sticks' as though god has left them in the ground just for you, and you actually believe 'swirl cuts' will prevent trees from falling over, and when you cut too close to the edge of CLEAR CUTS, causing road blockages and power outages for days on end; you are a greedy and mindless pig -at both a corporate and personal level. I suggest you retrain everyone to work in a sustainable fashion and if you can't be transparent about your intentions, at least aim for semi-diaphanous. You and Timber sales are testing my capacity for anger and sheer hatred.

It's time to make a coast-wide change. Are you in support of putting pressure on government and industry to embrace the 21st century concept of sustainability and civic responsibility? Let me know your feelings...