George Connell


ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM Lyrics George Connell 2017 SOCAN


End of the Dream


This is hard for me to tell you and you might not understand

The white knights have abandoned you. This is no longer Wonderland

They cursed and vilified you, said you were too civilised

They sealed your precious rabbit hole. You never realised

How they schemed behind your back and boarded up the palace

You no longer live in Wonderland and no-one calls you Alice


Oh, Sweetheart, this is difficult. The mighty Oz has spoken

Still you slumber through your dreams, and haven’t yet awoken

Your best friends have neglected you, Lion’s soiled his pants

Straw Dog and the Tin Man have moved the firm to France

Before they left they filled their pants and stole the shoes you wore

And at first glance you had no chance. You’re not in Kansas anymore


Now the king is in the counting house

The wolf is at the door

Your friends have left the country

You won’t see them any more

And if you thought the dogs of war

Were running free before

Then Babe, you ain’t seen nothing

This is what you have in store


Oh, Babe, this news has just arrived from well beyond our borders

Saruman is still alive. A new King lives in Mordor

Orcs have overrun the Shire. Folks are underground

Bilbo Baggins’ still retired and Sam and Pippin can’t be found

You saw the storm clouds brewing but when it came down to the wire

Even Gandalf can’t resuscitate the glory of the shire



Dusty Spanish Wine


The gods have turned their backs on me

The prophets have all died

No more voices coming from

The far side of my mind

Little prospect for salvation

This is the end of times

And my thoughts to share this glass of

Dusty Spanish wine


The only voices reaching me

Come from deep inside

Directing me and teaching me

To mollify my pride

When you add up the equation

I’m not mad, I’m only crying

Locked up in contemplation of

This dusty Spanish wine


I can’t tell you where it ends or where it starts

If it begins within my mind or seeps out from my heart

Or if it’s just that frisson that ripples down my spine

Like the spirit that I’m feeling

From this dusty Spanish wine


And if I were to stay here

Until the end of time

Hoping to allay my fears

Or waiting for a sign

I’d be here so much longer than

It took to do the crime

There is no more reality

Than dusty Spanish wine


A Matter of Time


If I told you it was just a matter of time

Until one thing led to another

And the world imploded in an orgy of crime

‘Til we all ran crying to our mothers

Believe me if I tell you it’s all been a hoax

And everything you trusted was a lie

It took you way too long to discover the joke

You weren’t smart enough to question why

Bring on Utopia, bring on Erewhon

Bring on 1984

Take me to the matrix, take me to the river

Show me where the fishies have gone


Life ain’t what you think or even what you hope

It’s just the dregs in your drink and the seeds in your dope

If you can’t be outrageous, can’t be bizarre

You’re gonna be condemned to stay exactly as you are

If you went deeper than you’d ever gone before

If you staggered to the limits of your intelligence

You’d still be in the wilderness and wouldn’t know the score

Imprisoned in your self-inflicted limits

Bring on Leviticus , bring on Revelations

Waltz me to the end of the world

We’ll never find the truth about the story of creation

So what the hell we worrying for?


Abandon meditation, abandon Armageddon

Bring on the dancing girls

We’ll give you pen and paper. We’ll quiz you on your lessons

You’re a dog who can’t stop chasing his own tail

So pray to your gods, pray to the lightning

Pray to the pictures on the screen

Talk real pretty, act real nice and

You might slide through the cracks and in between

Now the gods are in the heavens and the sheep are in the fold

The titans, too, have wandered off to bed

Christ has been recalled because they plan to break the mould

Mohammad's back in Kandahar and all the priests are dead



Elephant in the Room


You think that your employees don’t deserve a living wage

The thought of universal healthcare fills your heart with rage

You predicate your prejudice on gender, race, and age

The chicken that you ate last night was raised inside a cage

But you know they’re not the issue and I think we can assume

It’s you who is the elephant in the room


You roll your eyes whenever someone talks of old age pensions

Veterans’ ills and doctors’ bills don’t capture your attention

Election gerrymandering won’t ever get a mention

The topic of war profiteering finds you in abstention

It’s who you are, your attitude, that causes disappointment

You are the fly which struggles in the ointment


Come in, sit down my pachydermal baby

We’re serving crow and humble pie once more

We’re looking for a solid seat but maybe

You’d prefer to wallow on the floor


Perhaps it’s not that awful that you’re feeling so entitled

But folks that slave in fields and stores are fighting for survival

If you put yourself inside their shoes and stopped with the denial

You’d quickly realise why they’re all feeling suicidal

But you know they’re not the issue and I think we can assume

It’s you who is the elephant in the room


You’re hard to miss, you stick out like a sore thumb

Resembling a lump of beef Tatar

Your life’s a slimy trail of unearned income

You’ll never be mistaken for Babar


How did you come to this conclusion and feel you had the right

To feel you were superior to everyone in sight

You seem to feel like royalty, you seem to take delight

In other folks’ misfortunes, in other peoples’ plight

But you know that’s not the issue, not a body to exhume

You are in fact the elephant in the room




Highway of Tears

His name’s not that important, you don’t know him anyway

He’s spent half of his life driving up and down that damned highway

And any sad remembrances he marinates in beer

As he’s driving down the highway of tears

Her step-dad took her in after her mama threw her out

She couch surfed at her friends’ and slept around without a doubt

A girlfriend said she hitched a ride then added with a sneer

“She’s gone off down the highway of tears”


Kids out in the country grow up fast, girls grow up older

But boys don’t learn to curb their urges…anyway

Lust leaps from desire like a fire grows from smoulder

One body turns to two on the highway……

The highway of tears


He saw her on the shoulder as the sun was going down

Eight miles out of Smithers on the way to Moricetown

She climbed into the cab looking much older than her years

And they headed down the highway of tears


He saw the flashing lights before he heard the siren’s wail

He couldn’t stop the sweating as the Mountie rode his tail

He moved onto the shoulder, with her body in the rear

As the cop flew down the highway of tears


Kids out in the country grow up fast, girls grow up older

But boys don’t learn to curb their urges…anyway

Lust leaps from desire a rolling stone becomes a boulder

One body turns to twenty on the highway……

The highway of tears


Now half the country’s up in arms, the other half don’t care

But brothers, sisters, fathers, mothers wait upon a sign

From leaders who seem powerless and blithely unaware

If these daughters are alive or sleeping deep beneath the pines

If we cared about these women like we did our selfish needs

If we cared about solutions more than how these things appear

Then maybe we could terminate these predatory deeds

And shut down the highway of tears



Kids out in the country grow up fast, girls grow up older

But boys don’t learn to curb their urges…anyway

Lust leaps from desire and a cold heart keeps growing colder

One body is too many on the highway……

The highway of tears


Luke's Lament


Goodness gracious golly, dude

Whatcha gonna do?

Your sweetie’s left for Hollywood

She’s posing in the nude

They say she’ll be the next best thing

You’re gonna be another

Getting high and drinking whisky

With her medicated brother

Chorus: Let her go


She took the car and left last night

To see if she can make it

She used to be your honey

Now you’re gonna have to fake it

Her sister’s shown some interest and

You might dredge up a one-night stand

Unless you like abstention

Life is seldom what you plan


You’ll never find another girl

To fit inside her shoes

But you might find somebody else

To wash away your blues



So let your honey up and go

She’s doing what she wants to

If you got it then you flaunt it

She’s not doing it to taunt you

She’s gotta spread her wings and fly

You know that’s what she wanted

You told her that you loved her so

And now it’s time to …

Chorus: Let her go (x4)


Kitsilano Venus


I was hanging in my coffee shop and drinking cappuccino

When a goddess sauntered up to the barista

She turned and said to me, “My man you look like Al Pacino”

I said “You don’t look nothin’ like my sister”


Deliberately casual creases in her jeans

To complement the wrinkles ‘round her eyes and in between

Accidentally formal designer underwear

Understating her importance ‘round her ample derrière


Kitsilano Venus…nothing ever gonna come between us

She turns this poor boy’s head around sweet Jesus

Ain’t nothing ever gonna come between us


She had candidly prosthetic bosoms underwired

Keeping up appearances that nature can’t inspire

Slyly artificial gel-inflated lips

And even more collagen injected in her hips


Kitsilano Venus…I want to take her lovin’ intravenous

She stuffs her bra with half a box of Kleenex©

I’m falling hard my Kitsilano Venus


My body’s bending double as I watch her walk away

And can’t think of a single thing to say

Offhanded Occidental My Kitsilano Venus

Inspired by pharmaceuticals untouched by any penis


Kitsilano Venus…I surely hope her boyfriend hasn’t seen us

No problem ‘cause last week he was subpoenaed

She turns this poor boy’s head around sweet Jesus


Kitsilano Venus…I don’t want a thing to come between us

My body is on fire and my knees betray a weakness of desire

From head to toe my Kitsilano Venus



Slink #2


Weekly sessions at the spa could never give her what she wants

The melody of who she was teased her and taunted me

Clear from there to here


But she used to be a babe. A robber smile, an angel wink

Shyness masked by mystery. A little girl in search

Of who she was


She’s not the same as she used to be

Then again, neither am I

We can’t keep up with who we want to be

As the years go tumbling by


Girlish insecurities are not what I observed

She was a slink…An unadulterated drink

Of Chardonnay


She’s not as precious as she used to be

Then again neither am I

No-one’s as special as they thought they’d be

And the years keep tumbling by


She could disarm me with an accidental turning of the hips

Downcast eyes and upturned lips. All knowing and unknown

A tootsie roll inside an egg

By Fabergé



Lunatic Fear


Masters of lunacy masters of fear

On the big screen as I’m sucking back beer

They’ve got nothing to show me…Nothing that’s new

Spewing their sermon of lunatic fear


They destroyed education, we don’t know what's right

We’re brothers in arms and we’re itching to fight

For the armament dealers who send us to war

To kill other brothers on faraway shores


They’re demanding our sisters surrender their right

To control reproduction and give up the fight

To determine what’s best in each of their lives

They’re our sisters, our mothers, our lovers, our wives



They’re afraid of your shadow, afraid of mine too

Afraid of the black man who talks back to you

Afraid of the red man who’s taking a stand

There’s no room for the other in their master plan


You’d better not falter, you’d better not fall

Or you’ll die on a stretcher that’s parked in the hall

Some fool blew the red light, some fool made you crash

Now you’ll die in that hall ‘cause you ran out of cash



Nuts in Trees


I’ve made up my mind a quadrillion times. I might make it up…once more

Through the fro-ing and to-ing, you’ve been my undoing

Here’s your coat, here’s your hat, there’s the door

I apparently reap whatever you sow. But how could I even begin…to know

You’re telling me I’ve got a hell of a nerve

I thought I earned everything I deserved

Guess it’s true what they say

Nuts don’t fall far from the trees


I’ve decided decision is too strong a word. My decisions are frequently …flawed

At the end of the day I don’t care what you say

Nothing you tell me makes sense …anyway

I haven’t the skill to envisage a warm and cuddly…interface…with you

You tell me I’m loaded with prejudice

And a need to explode some great edifice

Guess it’s true what they say

Nuts don’t fall far from the trees


Where you are concerned, there’s no happy returns. Just a vague…melancholia

By saying goodbye then I won’t have to try

To endure or control you

I believe my beliefs are just holding together. My patience is falling…behind

I don’t want you no more, kill the lights, shut the door

I’ve been casting my pearls before swine

Guess it’s true what they say

Nuts don’t fall far from the trees